Difference between a Swedish Limited Company

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The difference between our structures and a Swedish Limited Company:

- Privacy: Any foreign company can be the registered owner

- Tax: The company itself is not taxed but only the foreign company behind it

- No starting capital & demands: No need for 50 000 SEK and annual report of the company is not used



What is the difference between a Swedish Limited company (Aktiebolag/AB) and our structures? 

A Swedish Limited Company needs a least 25 000 SEK as starting capital (500 000 SEK for a public company). You can start a limited company on your own and be the sole owner, but there has to be at least two people registered in the company. 

A limited company is a legal entity with its own rights and responsibilities, which, for example, limits your liability for the company’s debts.

If you are a European Economic Area (EEA) country national, starting a limited company is fairly straightforward.

Compared to being a sole trader the administration is more demanding, and you have to file an annual report every year, even if the company do not have any activities.

Closing a limited company takes some effort and can be very time-consuming. It has to be sold or liquidated.

Our Swedish companies are structured so there have to be a minimum of one owner with unlimited liability and a minimum of one owner with liability limited to the investment in the Swedish company (Minimum 100 SEK).

All owners can be legal entities and/or individuals of any nationality and can be resident anywhere in the world. Sweden do have an open, searchable company registry. That means when forming a company with legal enities as owners, that foreign company name will appear and not a name of an individual. Compared to a Swedish Limited Company, the board (that is searchable online) can only consist of individuals and not companies.


"A limited company is a legal entity with its own rights and responsibilities, which, for example, limits your liability for the company’s debts."


Our structures are stronger than a Swedish Limited Liability Company:

- For our structures, you can use any legal foreign entity or individual as owner.

- Being an offshore owner, it can give you great privacy and tax advantages than forming a Swedish Limited Company.

- No registered starting capital for each company


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